DreamWorlds Publishing – Community
For now only on these blog pages we’re developing an editorial and publishing centre for our wonderful writers so their work can spread further and hopefully reach more ‘Dreamers’ out there 😀

DreamWorlds the fantasy & roleplay forums


Usual overview of all the main site areas

DreamWorlds Emporium:-
The site stuff ~ DreamWorlds miscellania galore plus some cool themed fandom stuff all available in the wide Zazzle range of clothing, ceramics, cards, bags, mouse mats and prints.

Team websites & blogs
links to the personal blogs & hangouts of our editorial & marketing services teams

SKORN (Sue Bridgwater)

Jan Hawke INKorporated

Siân Glírdan ~ the way of the bard

Joshua Screech (Design & Photography)


5 thoughts on “Links

  1. Oooo yes please with the Emporium! This is our site shop and any purchases get ploughed back into site maintenance – domain fees etc, which may not sound like much, but being retired now and with no independent revenue coming in (yet – just wait until I get my blockbuster novel published! lol) any donations are gratefully received and we thought that a site shop – where you can actually spend money on something tangibly for you (like a T-shirt or mug etc etc) makes for a much better return for your support and also help advertise the site at the same time! Where DID you get that fab shopping bag?!! Yadee Yada 😉

    *makes note to ask Daniel if we can get a purdy flash display tag up on here so folks can see all the groovy stuff…* lol


    1. Sadly, doesn’t allow the embedding of flash except from trusted and accountable sources, such as youtube. One piece of malicious code could bring down the whole network, so for safety reasons it’s not allowed.


      1. You could embed a table w/ images showing the ‘groovy stuff’ though, right? That might look a bit nicer. Also, can we make those into hyperlinks instead of dry URLs? 😉


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