About Us

This is the site blog of  DreamWorlds Publishing our new online community for writers. This blogging area is currently under development off our main site pending the set up of a dedicated on site area but in the meantime we’re keeping these old blog pages open so that you, the creative, intelligent, discerning and thoroughly gorgeous reader of this page, might be encouraged to come over and visit us on the main site. If, like us, you love to read and write original fiction, we hope you’ll like what you find and decide to stay a while. We’re a relaxed, inclusive and diverse little community, but we’re always looking to find new people to join us in what we all love.

We love the fantastic, and all that entails. We love to read, write and create things that inspire that feeling of magic which only comes from something that exists outside the normal and mundane, but, more than that, we love to give our imaginations free rein. Why just read a story, when you can craft one yourself? Why simply watch a humdrum show, when you can write your own script and direct it? Why merely follow a linear map with prescribed boundaries, when you can go off the map altogether and invent a whole new world?

If you’re even a little bit interested in learning more, click on the link and see what we’re about and what we do. We’d love to have you join the community, whether you want reviews, beta-reading, editorial support, to learn more about the production side of things or the world of self-publishing or simply want to hang out with other creative people, share experiences and chat about the subjects you love (or even love to hate!). Click the link below to jump down that rabbit hole; who knows, you might find a Dream World of your own.


2 thoughts on “About Us

    1. Definitely in a coma… The jury’s out still on whether we should apply the paddles and leave it going as the avenue for submissions outside of LinkedIn – will go away and think about it for a few weeks

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