DW Publishing website – the soft launch!


Yes, a soft launch, because I’ve still got do a fair amount of updating to things that’ll take a while to fiddle with, like the DWP video, to include newer publications and upcoming projects.

By and large, though most of the pages are now up to date, including the latest 5-star reviews pages for all the books. So, while we’re quiet in the lull before Xmas (I’m planning a proper re-launch for the New Year) I’ve put all the changes on so that all who know of us can come in and have a look-see at all the new look additions.

Chief amongst these are:-

  • the Publications page to include book trailers for all the titles I’m primarily involved in. This will be one of the few new marketing services available from us – so new that I haven’t got a fee in mind for it, talking of which…
  • on the re-named ‘Publishing know-how’ page (formerly The Source) where I’ve added a tariff of editorial and design services for those customers who don’t want to do the skills exchange thang, so they can ‘shop and drop’ and leave the hard lifting to us, mostly on an hourly rate.
  • the removal of the link to the DreamWorlds forums. It’s replaced by a link to this blog, on the basis that this is now the more logical ‘active’ and relevant shop window for idle enquiries and community issues.

In respect of the dear old forums… Well – we all know they’re there to be used if needed! If the commercial side of things develops and there’s a need for specific extra-curricular activity, like chatting, ranting and generally having a good moan, or reaching out for fellow writerly experiences, solutions, empathy etc, then we can adapt existing areas as an add-on for that purpose. 😀

Please do let me know about any questions, concerns, or constructive feedback on the new-look site – this is why it’s a soft launch so I can resculpt to make it the most use to us all! 😉

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