Yeah, I know – we’ve been here before! And we will be again, no doubt, but me and DreamWorlds have been going through a major phase of transition these past several months. Most visible (or in the case of this blog, invisible) is that I’ve been focussing, of necessity, on my physical surroundings and making my home ‘future-proof’. As far as you ever can. Naturally, this has involved physical and fiscal expenditure, which isn’t over yet and is about to be applied to the writing and publishing side of my life.

This summer I undertook some digital formatting work for a friend in the USA. She’s a serious writer, lyricist and musician and so she wanted to do things professionally on a paid basis. Now, I was quite happy to do the skills pooling thing, but she insisted so I had to go and find out how much one could ask for what was essentially a very quick and easy file formatting exercise for around a dozen or so images. Naturally, as my client was based in the US, I needed to look into exchange rates. I had no idea what to charge!

Sooo… off I toddled to Amazon/Kindle Direct Publishing to have a look at their tariffs for editorial services. I decided to undercut them, as I’m ‘unproved’, and because, for what I was going to do there was, quite frankly, still a good time-based profit per image. Long story short, my first fee-paying client was pleased with the job. I was pleased with the unexpected income.

It’s, therefore, a no-brainer as to what I need to do if I want to get some extra income from somewhere or other, to help pay all the bills, both domestic and publishing-wise.

The upshot is that I need to make some money whilst not disrupting my everyday activity and fields of interest too much. Also that I can no longer treat writing and publishing as a hobby…
As sales are not going to support me in the style I’m accustomed to, it’s high time to get commercial with my publishing skills and resources.

Don’t worry if you’re used to doing the skills-pooling thing with us – that’s already a financial transaction without the necessity of moving paper or digital money! 😉

So that can go on – barter is the basis of all commercial activity after all! But, as my professional contact list gets longer and I’m in touch with people like my Texan friend, who have existing providers and just want to ‘shop’ with me, it’s time to get fee-savvy and start offering an ‘off the peg’ service to prospective clients.
Oh, yeah – and I suppose there’ll have to be a conversation with the benefits and tax offices. Guess I need to bite the bullet with that one soonish…

It won’t happen overnight, but from December 1st, 2017, there’ll be a tariff of various editorial and design services, for those who want a prêt-á-porter approach for file conversion, cover design, etc, etc, on the DreamWorlds Publishing site.
I’ll keep you informed on here as the changes go up – if there’s anything you want to know, just get in touch in the usual way! 😀


Love to hear from you!

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