No. This isn’t…

… an April Fool. It’s relaunch day for DreamWorlds Publishing – the BLOG!

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It’s relaunch day for DreamWorlds Publishing – the BLOG! Also the old firm itself has had a good bottoming for Spring, in preparation for us getting a little more serious about the publishing and editorial side.
Since March 2015 I’ve been in a kind of hibernation career-wise (yes, yes, add in suitable jolly quip for the c-word). However, having just gone through a major phase of home ‘improvement’ that involved interior walls being bludgeoned out of existence, cookers thrown on a skip and kitchen cupboards being retired with extreme prejudice, I decided that the blog could do with a major overhaul as well. Before the kitchen outfitters arrive and I’m forced to spend enormous amounts of money courtesy of a new mortgage to release equity in the old homestead, to make it me-friendly for the foreseeable, I’ve also been considering sustainable income options for the future too.

The coffers will be looking healthier than they have for some time, but a fair whack of the new funds are already earmarked for loan repayments, new and spiffy black goods for the new kitchen, etc, so my thoughts have been straying to other marketable skills to bring in additional revenue. Preferably before I’m tempted to do something completely bonkers and get rid of my teenaged motor…

So, dear friends and colleagues, the time has come for me to look at ways to streamline and refloat DreamWorlds Publishing. Now, don’t get too worried by this! Please.
We’re still going to be functioning as a collective and doing the skills-swapping and sharing, so payment in movable wealth isn’t necessarily going to be rearing its head for our established family pot. However, in my other endeavours, I’ve been networking with people who prefer a more business-like arrangement and are willing to send me actual money for editorial and/or production and design work. So, I’m currently talking to the Benefits Office about a change in my potential earning status in anticipation of a small, steady stream of income coming in to help keep things tootling along for more than luxuries like food, shelter and keeping the pooch in the manner to which he’s been accustomed. Also that this blog will be seeing a lot more activity, so you all know what I’ve been getting up to on a hitherto unprecedented basis!

We’ll see how it goes. It may mean that we can afford to do more things. It will definitely mean that The Qworks will finally happen. At the very least!

11 thoughts on “No. This isn’t…

  1. That’s some plan, Jan! Go for it then! 😀 Do you do illustrations for children’s books? I have lots of children’s stories that need to be illustrated. If you do or know someone who can do a really good job of illustrating, let me know. 🙂

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    1. It’s finally time to take this seriously, Joy! 😉
      I’d love to do illustration work, but it takes me a long time, so I don’t think I’ll be venturing past cover design for now. I know that Nick Rossis has a great illustrator, Dimitris Fousekis. Look at Runaway Smile or Musiville for some samples 🙂


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