Grasping the marketing bull by the brass ring…

As most of you will know by now, I’ve been trying to improve on my merchanting skills by dint of embracing Twitter (and Facebook a bit – it’s just not ‘me’ so much) and in particular by joining the Rave Reviews Book Club. Now before you think this a recruitment post for them, it isn’t! Honestly. What it’s about is using your various author platforms to drive business to the sales point of your titles.

So, onto the point of this. On the 15th August I put out a major ‘come hither’ post on our Dreamless Roads Blogger site ~ PLEASE FOLLOW THIS LINK! – but don’t go away just yet…

Now, this is essentially a huge team-tagging exercise for a month-long book and blog block party where there were up to three separate blog posts a day by the RRBC members participating. I chose to post on 3 separate days for Dreamless Roads (which isn’t an RRBC supported book as there’s only me who’s a member on there so they don’t usually promote it), and Milele Safari and A Freebooter’s Fantasy Almanac (which are promoted).
For each book blog I wanted to put the Kindle version of the book on a Countdown price for that day for 99 cents/pence. Unfortunately I couldn’t do this in the end for AFFA, but I had brisk sales for Milele and Dreamless on their days.

The Dreamless Roads post day was the most successful!

This was in terms of visits and Kindle ‘sales’ with 100 comments and FORTY, yes, FOUR ZERO SALES on the day.

Now, as you know Kindle Unlimited lets readers have the books for free, but you still get a cut of the revenue from the membership deal every month, so, for once we’re going to make some modest grocery shopping money, and not the odd, cheap cappuccino from the fund for August! Neat huh? 😀
Now go see the post and especially the comments, as they’re nearly all from RRBC people. Not only have I shifted 40 copies of Dreamless Roads, I’ll hopefully get some honest reviews off the back  of this spurt of interest, which has already given the Amazon ranking (currently at #168,863) a welcome shot in the arm – in comparison, AFFA is 1.278 million and Milele is 1.439 million.

Milele Safari, which has been on the RRBC catalogue for all but the 1st six months of its publication date, is now approaching 30 reviews, most of which are highly positive and also come from RRBC members for the most part. Not bad for a ‘marmite book’ that I haven’t been pushing hard – it’s blog post got 25 sales, which is not to be sneezed at either.

Take what you will from this post, but if you’re active on social media and/or in author/writing communities, please have a good think on how YOU can boost Dreamless Roads in your circles of influence, and, if you do have one, your fanbase! 😉
We only have 4 reviews so far, but they’re all superb, so who knows how many more we’ll get if we all create a small stir for the book wherever we’re able!

Next on the agenda in The Qworks – watch this space as I’ll be posting much more this autumn… 😀


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