Brand spanking new book trailer for Dreamless Roads!

Well I finally got around to catting about with book trailers (or slideshows to be more exact) as part of my ‘marketing and promotion’ learning curve! This is a whistle-stop sweep through Dreamless Roads to showcase some of all the contributing authors’ stories visually, to give a flavour of each tale. Whilst these snapshots may not be completely faithful to the plotlines, I hope they do illustrate the gist of the stories, and the rich diversity of SF&F contained in our first publication.

The trailer will be the centrepiece of a promotional blog post for Dreamless Roads this coming Tuesday 29th September, as part of the RRBC ‘Back to School’ Book and Blog Block Party event, so be sure to drop in there at some stage, as there’ll be prizes to be won for everyone who leaves a comment (you don’t have to be an RRBC member to win either!).

I’ve also uploaded the video to YouTube – and will be tweeting it around ad nausea 😉

2 thoughts on “Brand spanking new book trailer for Dreamless Roads!

  1. Nice, Jan! I love the music. My computer is doing something funny to videos, and I’m being lax about getting it fixed, so I probably didn’t see the visuals in their full glory– but what I did see looked good, enticing, inviting!


    1. The music’s from The Imitation Game (about the WW2 Enigma Code Breakers)! but it just seemed to fit us quite well 😀 The rather muscular gent in the Signal Cross spread is a Cirque de Soleil performer but I gave him some devilish horns as well… lol


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