Extension for Qworks submissions

firefrontSometimes we have to bow to the inevitable, go with the flow, or postpone a pleasure… With my husband passing away this March, half a day after my other favourite man, Sir Terry Pratchett, work on the Qworks has had to take a back seat. This is partially why things have gone quiet in here, as other business needed my attention and then I had to let the old grey matter have a cogitate on how to prioritise the publishing schedule for the anthology and my own novel series into my new working routine (such as it is). So – official announcement on the new milestones for our second anthology project.

  1. submissions will now stay open up until 21st December 2015 (the Winter Solstice)
  2. editing phase will run for 4 months from 1st Jan 2016 until 30th April
  3. proofing will commence 1st May 2016 until 31st July
  4. publication of paperback edition 1st August 2016
  5. eBook edition released (on Amazon/Kindle only) 14th August 2016

A generous time scale for those of you who haven’t yet submitted and one which is gentler on everyone and should give me plenty of wriggle room to get things merging smoothly into my own evolving work-life balancing needs 😉 To those who have submitted already, my apologies for having to revise the timetable but I hope this one will be more realistic and be more manageable for those of us who’re involved in the editorial and production phases. One factor that we haven’t yet embraced for our group is that of marketing and promotion – sales of Dreamless Roads have been negligible, mainly because ‘getting it out there’ has not been the top of my list after the initial adrenalin rush of getting it out for Xmas. This will be changing over the coming months as I’ve recently taken on a new role with the online book review club RRBC admin team. More updates on this aspect soon in here, and on my own personal blog space, but for now it’s enough that we’ve got our latest project re-mapped. I look forward to seeing your new work winging its way into my waiting mailbox (my.book@dreamworldspub.org.uk) soon! 😀

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