The QWORKS – the next anthology title

Let the submissions begin!
OK – slightly different take this time in that we’re scoping right out on the genre front, so, like it says we want short story submissions in any fiction genre, so long as it’s quirky – not fantasy necessarily but something unusual and striking that marks it out from the crowd.
Submission Requirements 
  • between 500 – 20,000 words – deadline 21st December 2015
  • you may submit as many stories as you wish, but only up to 3 stories per author will be published – make sure you send the best of your best!
  • English language only
  • NO fanfic or homage pieces
  • you retain copyright
  • no fees, but you will be asked help with edits/proofing/PR phases, and/or to contribute to ISBN purchases (this will be spread between us and not exceed a fifth share of the costs – £90/$140)
  • any proceeds/profits are put to future DreamWorlds Publishing projects unless sales merit a small pro rata compensation (this will work on the basis of how many pieces of your work are included – one story = one share and so on)
  • submissions to

Artwork may change slightly but thus far I’ve got 2 colourways for the foreground titles as shown above and below

feedback welcome! 😀

10 thoughts on “The QWORKS – the next anthology title

    1. Hi there Katherine 🙂 We run DreamWorlds on a skills-pooling basis so, with a project like this, there’s plenty of hands to help out with the editing and proofing chores – ‘cos we all know we can’t do that for our own work! (this is one of my pet hobby horses… 😉 ) It also has the added bonus of saving on costs, aside from the time factor of course. You still get proofs for your own work to go through at the end of editing but we also have some readers go over them as well so everything gets at least 2 pairs of eyes going over them.

      The only things that might have us asking for contributions is if we have to purchase new ISBNs (currently we have enough to go around), or an additional production proof is needed, but this would be shared between all the contributors, so it wouldn’t come to more than £25/$38 and probably much less.


    1. Thanks angel – I have a slightly more ‘fiery’ version that might replace that one as it’s basically a revision of the green/blue one which is my preference (I’m a hopeless water sign what can I say! 😛 ). Still early days anyway and of course the content as it comes in may dictate a different approach, but I’m liking the more minimalist touch for this on so far 🙂

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      1. Yeah, I like the play on quirk. Quite a broad word count. Glad I reorganised my files the other day. Might have to go raking through them.


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