‘Tis the season…

… and high time for an update 🙂

Well things are rolling along with the project on the sign-up side of things and, as I’m on schedule to complete my own novel by the end of the year, 2012 will see more activity in here as I’ll have more time for reviewing etc and starting to look at things like typesetting for the pieces we’ve already got on file once the edit phase is done with.

So far that’s 4 stories – 2 each from Daniel and myself with another one from me in the pipeline nearing completion for reviews (other than from Saranna ;-)).  Don’t worry if you’ve not got started writing yet (or looking through your back catalogue for suitable submissions) – as I’ve been saying all along on the forum, this is definitely going to be a slow burn along the production road with a provisional publication date for around this time next year and a likely commitment for at least a sequel, if not a series of volumes, as the focus of the main forum will also be shifting towards a co-operative writers’ community in the new year.

DreamWorlds will still be very much a playground for us, but with having my own novel ready to launch I want the site to evolve towards a more defined future and to go with the strengths of the community, small though it is. This will mean a more professional (rather than commercial) approach to help with the costs of maintaining the site and the publishing aspects. As you know I’m currently wanting to go the traditional agent/publishing house route for The Safari Tales, but being a shy retiring sort, 😛 there’s only so much touting around of the property I’m prepared to do and so, when my list of possible sources to fame and fortune are exhausted, I’m going to look seriously into self-publish options like Lulu.com since I’ve had  gainful experience on the production side of desktop publishing in HM Civil Service.

Lulu.com is currently where I’m aiming to place the Dreamless Roads anthology as part of the change in direction for the site, as this will be part of the marketing structure for the collection. However, it’s very much a venture into the unknown for me away from Adobe CS layout and pre-press software, so any experience or expertise you guys have of the wonderful world of commercial publishing to throw into the pool (besides your wonderful writing) would be much appreciated!

So – have a fantastic festive season fellow Dreamers, whatever you get up to and here’s to a very creative and wish-fulfilling New Year. 😉

One thought on “‘Tis the season…

  1. Hello! I seem to have made it to the right page, Eru knows how! That’s enough for the first effort, I need a lie-down now! Creativity will return later………….


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