Bump fest

Let’s get this place looking a little more lived in shall we? 😉

We’ve had a bit of a re-furb in here and are now a private blogspace whilst we’re getting the Dreamless Road Project off the ground. This may change in time but we’ll see if it needs opening up again in due course 🙂

For now feel free to use this area for general chat and go to the Dreamless Roads Project pages for edits and review specific work

One thought on “Bump fest

  1. And so it goes! lol

    OK – RL kicks and sucks etc etc. I’ve finished THE novel and that’s going down a different dream road for now, although it may have to brought into this fold if the auspices are spiteful rather than benevolent.

    Although DreamWorlds forum can still serve as our storage facility and hothouse I’d like all ‘business’ aspects to stay on here in relation to the editorial and production side of things so I can keep versions straight and away from discussion/review etc. This area will remain off limits to non-members of the co-operative and admission to the group will continue to take place by contact via DreamWorlds or my personal online contact avenues if there is a different invitation route. 🙂


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